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Routine dental examinations are very important for maintaining dental health and early diagnosis of dental problems. People with any complaints about oral and dental health can benefit from diagnosis and treatment methods when they go to a dental examination.

Complaints that are considered insignificant by many people may actually indicate serious problems in oral and dental health. Although Alanya dental examination is completed in an extremely short time, it provides great advantages in dental health. Therefore, dental examinations should be performed at regular intervals and without interruption.

What is Dental Examination?

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Antalya, Alanya's Leading Dental Practice

Alanya dental examinations are applications where the dental and oral health of the person undergoes a detailed check. These examinations are carried out by dentists specialised in their field.

In dental clinics where people apply with certain complaints, new technology devices and equipment are used during the examination. On the other hand, even if there are no complaints, a dental examination can be performed to carry out general checks on dental and oral health or to complete cleaning procedures.

Dentists are obliged to perform a dental examination in order to detect possible problems that cause the patient’s complaints, to plan the treatment and to meet the patient’s needs.

You can come to our fully equipped clinic and have a comprehensive oral and dental health examination by specialist dentists.

Where should I go for a dental examination?

Antalya, Alanya's Leading Dental Practice

Dental examination places in Antalya are clinics where specialist dentists make the necessary checks. People with various problems related to dental health and aesthetics can have a dental examination by making an appointment with dentists.

During these examinations, dentists listen to the patient’s complaints and manage the treatment processes by making the necessary controls. After the dentist’s examination, a clear conclusion can be made about which department to apply to. To be examined in the field of dentistry, it is sufficient to apply to one of the following departments:

When you have a toothache, you can get the opportunity to be examined in one of these departments by applying to our dental clinic. In dental examinations performed by specialist dentists, it can be easily determined which problems the patient has.

You can get rid of your dental complaints in a short time thanks to dentists who use technological equipment and up-to-date methods during dental examination.

How often should a dental examination be performed?

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Antalya, Alanya's Leading Dental Practice

There are some periods specified by experts on the frequency of dental examination It is stated that the most efficient dental examination period is every 6 months. Even if you do not have any tooth or gum problems, it is possible to diagnose possible problems early when you are checked by a specialist dentist every 6 months.

In this way, since the necessary treatment methods can be applied before the dental diseases progress too much, the treatment process provides efficient results in a short time.

Not only adults but also children should undergo regular dental examinations from the age when they have permanent teeth.

For developing children, this is the period between 6 and 8 years of age.

In this age range, children should undergo dental examinations at regular intervals to check whether their permanent teeth are going through healthy developmental stages.

When is a dental examination performed?

It should be said that there is a wrong attitude among the public for the time of dental examination. Generally, people go to dental check-ups only when they have tooth or gum complaints. However, it should not be forgotten that oral and dental health is an important part of body health.

Therefore, it is not necessary to have pain or complaints to undergo a dental examination. Maintaining general health is easier if routine dental examinations are not delayed and neglected.

Periodic dental examinations are necessary for both children and adults in order to complete examinations and treatments with early diagnosis.

How should a dental examination be in Alanya?

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Antalya, Alanya's Leading Dental Practice

The things to be considered in dental examination are important to have a healthier tooth and mouth structure. Firstly, if you have any complaints about oral and dental health, you should definitely inform your doctor before the examination.

If you are experiencing even mild toothache, do not hesitate to contact your dentist for a detailed check-up. As long as patients are comfortable during the examination, controls can be completed in a shorter time and efficiently.

Therefore, you should not neglect to ask questions you have in mind and consult a doctor and to be comfortable in this process.

What is done in dental examination?

During dental examinations, a general control is carried out based on the patient’s complaints. Tooth and gum health is examined and the teeth can be checked for the onset of caries.

On the other hand, patients who apply to the dentist with various complaints are diagnosed and treated for these complaints. Dental examination is a service that people of all ages can benefit from to protect their oral and dental health.

You can undergo a comprehensive dental examination by coming to our dental clinic with equipped dental devices and experienced dentists.

Professional Tooth Cleaning in Dental Examination

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Antalya, Alanya's Leading Dental Practice

Professional equipment should be used when cleaning teeth during dental examination. In dental examinations, detailed cleaning is performed in many departments, especially dental calculus.

Even if you attach great importance to oral care and hygiene, situations that require cleaning in the mouth may arise over time. Dental transplants using special apparatus apply the following procedures during cleaning:

  • Clean under the gum line.
  • Bacteria that cause gum disease are cleaned.
  • Caries and infections are removed.
  • Plaque and tartar causing bad breath are removed.
  • Tooth stones are cleaned.
  • Teeth whitening and polishing is applied.

Diagnosis and Treatment Process in Dental Examination

The diagnosis and treatment process in dental examination in Alanya is managed by a specialist dentist. During the examination, the dentist performs a comprehensive examination of the patient’s teeth, gums and mouth.

It is very important that the dentist who decides whether there is a disease or any problem according to the symptoms he sees is experienced. Dentists who diagnose dental diseases as soon as possible can start the treatment process and prevent oral problems before they become serious.

By choosing our clinic where specialist dentists work, you can undergo a dental examination with high-tech devices. Thanks to early diagnosis of adverse conditions affecting dental health, positive results can be achieved without causing much damage to the teeth.

X-ray in Dental Examination

Antalya, Alanya's Leading Dental Practice

Dental examination x-ray film in Alanya is a diagnosis and treatment method requested by specialist dentists when necessary. The dentist may recommend X-rays depending on the patient’s age, symptoms and potential risks to the tooth.

In dentistry, the following damages can be easily diagnosed by means of X-rays taken during the examination:

  • Damage to the jaw bones
  • Location of impacted teeth
  • Abscess
  • Cyst
  • Tumour
  • Caries between teeth
  • Infections that go deep into the tooth

These problems, which are difficult to notice in visual diagnosis, can be easily noticed by the dentist thanks to the X-ray film. Technological equipment should be used in a modern and well-equipped dentist’s office.

Dental X-ray machines do not emit more radiation than a standard television, so they do not pose a health risk.

However, pregnant women and people with various diseases should definitely inform their dentist before having a dental x-ray.

During the dental examination, the patient’s demands, complaints and general examinations are made and healthier teeth are provided.

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