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What is Aggressive Implant?

Aggressive implant was produced as an alternative to normal dental implant. Alanya Dental Place for your Aggressive dental implant needs in Alanya, Antalya.
Aggressive dental implant

Aggressive implant treatment means that the prepared implants are prepared with roots known as aggressors. With aggressive implant treatment, which is suitable for all bone types, a stronger adhesion can be achieved. The process obtained with this attachment is both healthier and more useful.

It is a method that prevents pressure and stress on the jawbone. An aggressive implant consists of a root form that we specially apply to most of our patients. We take care to use such improved methods to ensure that our patients are treated better and do not have problems with their jaw structures and teeth.

What is Aggressive Peak Design?

Which Type of Implant is Better

The aggressive crown design is among the specially made designs. The crest design, which is related to the lower region and body of the prepared implant, is meticulously prepared. The methods used in aggressive crown design are different and are among our preferences in order to offer better treatment to our patients.

The aggressive crown design, which is compatible with the bone and reduces the pressure on the bone, can be used safely. It is a very advantageous design to prevent problems in the contact of the implant with the bone and, at the same time, increase the connection.

In this process carried out by our experts, our goal is always to provide the best service to our clients and patients.

Does an aggressive implant stress the bone?

The aggressive implant, also known as a groove-design implant, does not create stress on the bone.

In order to create stress on itself, pressure must first be created. However, with the new generation of methods we use, pressure formation is prevented. Therefore, there is no pressure on the jaw, bone, or other teeth during implantation, and no stress is created.

The groove design is part of the aggressive implant, and the efficiency is higher thanks to its design. In addition to not creating stress, protecting the bone is one of the most important advantages of this method.

Does an aggressive implant provide stability?

Aggressive implants and stability have an intricate relationship with each other. When an aggressive implant is used, stress and pressure are completely removed. This allows the aggressive implant to achieve a more stable level than other implants.

The aggressive implant is supported by the jaw and jawbone. The reason for its intricate structure is that the jaw and jawbone basically support the aggressive implant, and the implant supports the jawbone and jaw. This state of support ensures high primary stability and the preservation of values.

Which type of implant is better?

Which Type of Implant is Better

Implant types vary. The main reason for these types to vary is the material. Differences may occur between implants due to the material, and this situation can be determined according to the preferences of our patients. It is more appropriate to choose according to the quality of the material and to decide on the implant according to both the general health status and the tooth-jaw structures of our patients.

Therefore, the issue of which type of implant is better is determined by our doctors by considering the conditions of our patients. All our options are transferred to our patients, and the best implant is preferred in line with their decisions.

Does an aggressive implant damage the jaw bone?

The harm caused by the implant is almost negligible. Implant treatment is carried out by our expert staff in our clinic. In the treatment carried out by our doctors and physicians, who are experts and experienced in their field, no problems are encountered.

Many important names who have been working in this field for a long time have been treating our patients with us. Therefore, the jawbone, jaw, and tooth are not damaged in any way.

All treatment methods we apply are aimed at sustaining and improving the health status of our patients. For this reason, the implant does not harm the jawbone. Implant treatment performed by our good dentists does not damage the jaw in any way.

In this regard, we apply multidimensional follow-up to our patients and inform them about every stage of the treatment. In this way, our patients are both informed about the process and learn how to protect the treated area outside the clinic.

Will aggressive implant teeth decay?

Aggressive Implant 3

Decay of the dental implant is a very difficult situation. We apply implant treatment with implants that we produce from high-quality, first-class materials. We always use high-quality products when making aggressive implants.

Since the quality level is high, the implants do not decay in any way. If situations such as decay of the implant tooth are encountered, this indicates that the implant is of poor quality, but the implant treatment applied in our clinic contains high quality and is carried out by experts.

For this reason, all our patients who have implant treatment in our clinic can easily continue their treatment without worrying about this issue.

Does an aggressive implant hurt us?

The question of whether dental implants are angled is also asked by many of our clients. Whatever treatment method we use for teeth, we always prioritise making our patients and consultants feel comfortable. For this reason, we prevent the implant from hurting and apply local anaesthesia.

By applying local anaesthesia, we prevent our patients from feeling pain or soreness. No pain is felt in implant treatment performed by our specialist dentists.

It is quite normal to feel mild pain and ache in the area after the effect of local anaesthesia wears off.

To whom is an aggressive implant not applicable?

Aggressive Implant 4

There are also people who cannot have dental implants, and there is a situation related to their general health status. People under 18 years of age are not recommended to have dental implants. Considering the specific regions such as the jaw, jaw muscles, and jaw bone, dental implants should be made for people whose development has been completed.

For this reason, dental implants are not recommended for individuals who are under the age of 18 or whose jaw development has not yet been completed. The general health status of the people who will have dental implants should be good enough, and there should not be any problems with jaw health.

If there is a problem with jaw health, then it may be necessary to first eliminate the related problem, and then a dental implant may be started.

How much is the aggressive implant price in Turkey?

There are many factors affecting the price of dental implants. The prices of dental implants in our clinic vary. There are many factors that affect this variability.

We always take care to offer high-quality health methods to our consultants and patients. We work with expert dentists and realise our goals as a clinic that strives to provide the best service in its field.

The prices of treatments, such as dental implants, that we offer in this direction vary from person to person. This is due to the fact that the number of implants applied to people may differ depending on the material of the method. We always offer the most suitable options to our patients who want to have dental implant treatment through our clinic.

How long is an aggressive implant used?

The duration of dental implant use varies according to the quality of the implant. In the dental implant treatment we apply in our clinic, our patients can use their facilities for life.

Although the quality of the implant is important, how well our patients care for it will also affect the duration of use. The same is true when an aggressive implant is made.

It is possible to use the dental implant for up to 30 years, and for this, people should take care of their oral care.

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Thank you for explaining the concept of aggressive implants in dental implantology. This blog post provides valuable information for both professionals and patients, shedding light on an important aspect of implant treatment. Understanding the nuances of implant placement is essential for successful outcomes.


I appreciate your explanation of aggressive implants in dental implantology. This blog post offers valuable insights for both professionals and patients, bringing attention to a crucial aspect of implant treatment. Understanding the intricacies of implant placement is vital for achieving successful outcomes.

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