Bone Graft

Antalya, Alanya bone grafting operation is a method that is generally applied for patients who have problems in the jawbone and who will have implants. As Alanya Dental Place, we apply Alanya bone grafting treatment to our esteemed patients with our long-term healthcare experience and expert physician staff. With this article, we will answer your valuable readers’ questions about the Antalya bone grafting operation.

What is Bone Grafting?

Bone Graft

In the human skull, the teeth are lined up on the upper skull and jaw bones. Deficiencies in the teeth lined up on the jawbone or deformations due to years may result in volumetric losses. Normally, this is not considered a problem, but it is a problem for patients who will have dental implant treatment. If problems such as lack of volume of bones and loss of gingival tissue occur, Alanya bone grafting operation is applied to our patient. Thus, the jawbone is made suitable for dental implant.

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About Bone Grafting Frequently Asked Questions

As Alanya Dental Place family, it is our priority to create the examination and treatment plan of our patient. Then we apply local anesthesia to the patients. After making sure that the area where the operation will be performed is unergetic, the area is opened and bone meal is applied on the jawbone. The operation is completed by closing the open area.

Alanya bone grafting operation is performed with the application of bone meal on the jawbone. If a small number of dental implants are applied to our patient, implants can be placed at the time of this operation. However, if more than one dental implant will be applied in the mouth, it is necessary to wait for the formation of bone tissue. Although the formation of bone tissue varies from person to person, it takes approximately 3 months.

Alanya Bone Grafting Application is a procedure applied with the advice of a doctor and under the control of a doctor. The procedure is arranged according to the patient’s individual health problems or chronic diseases. During the examinations, your doctor decides whether the Antalya bone grafting can be applied or not. If it cannot be applied, alternative applications are sought.

After the Alanya bone grafting application, pain and swelling may occur as the anesthesia loses its effect. If you have pain or swelling, you can use painkillers or various medications that your doctor has prescribed for you. Avoid hard foods such as nuts, apples, and excessively hot or cold food consumption in the operation area.

In addition, quitting the use of cigarettes and tobacco products will help you get through the process in the best way. Because by using these substances, if enough attention is not given to oral hygiene, infection and similar dental problems may occur.

Antalya bone grafting prices vary depending on various factors. Pricing will vary depending on the size of the application, the number of dental implants to be applied, and how much of the treatment your health insurance covers. In order to have clear information about this subject, you will need to come to our clinic and go through the control of our specialist doctors.

As Antalya Dental Place, we are trying to give you the best service with our experience in oral and dental health for years and our understanding of patient satisfaction. We carry out your operations in the best way, thanks to the high technology medical devices in a hygienic and sterile environment.

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