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Bone Graft

Antalya, Alanya bone grafting operation is a method that is generally applied for patients who have problems in the jawbone and who will have implants. As Alanya Dental Place, we apply Alanya bone grafting treatment to our esteemed patients with our long-term healthcare experience and expert physician staff. With this article, we will answer your valuable readers’ questions about the Antalya bone grafting operation.

What is Bone Grafting?

Bone Graft

In the human skull, the teeth are lined up on the upper skull and jaw bones. Deficiencies in the teeth lined up on the jawbone or deformations due to years may result in volumetric losses. Normally, this is not considered a problem, but it is a problem for patients who will have dental implant treatment. If problems such as lack of volume of bones and loss of gingival tissue occur, Alanya bone grafting operation is applied to our patient. Thus, the jawbone is made suitable for dental implant.

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