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Tooth Crown

Crown of Tooth or Dental Crown is made to strengthen and save the damaged, decayed, broken tooth. It can be thought of as putting a cap on the tooth. It can be made from many different materials.

How Is A Dental Crown Made?

Tooth Crown Alanya

After deciding on the dental crown treatment, the material to be applied with the help of a specialist is selected in accordance with you. If there is a problem in the tooth to be crowned and the tooth roots around the tooth after the material selection, these problems should be solved firstly.


If the oral and dental health is generally suitable for dental crown application, the measurement of the tooth is taken and the measurements are sent to the dental laboratory. In the preparation phase, a temporary crown is applied so that the patient can continue his life without interruption. When the crown is ready, it is placed in the patient’s mouth.

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About Tooth Crown Frequently Asked Questions

Like every application, dental crown has certain costs. The cost of crown application varies from person to person, depending on the material to be used, the patient’s oral and dental health, and the number of teeth to be crowned. At this point, the most accurate price can only be given to you by your dentist’s examination and creating your treatment plan.

The price of a dental crown varies according to your material selection, the number of crowns to be applied, and oral and dental health. At this point, the price of the procedure can only be given to you by your dentist’s examination and creating your treatment plan.

Dental Crown treatment in Alanya takes two sessions unless there is any mishap or additional procedure. In dental crown application, each session takes about one or two hours. Between sessions, it can vary between 2 days and 7 days.

The lifespan of the dental crown depends on the material used and the dentition of the patient. However, the lifespan of the dental crown is usually about 7 years. Depending on how the tooth and the dental crown are cared for, this time may increase or decrease.

It allows you to save your broken, rotten or damaged tooth roots without the need for heavy operations such as dental crown implants. Thanks to the dental crown application, you can regain the natural strength of your teeth. The choice of material to be used can also change the cost. It is much more advantageous than other processes in terms of application variety, cost and time.

Material selection is made before the crown is applied. When choosing the material of the dental crown to be applied, the cost, chewing performance of the tooth, and its effects on oral and dental health should be considered.

Alanya Porcelain dental crown is the crown that best imitates the adult tooth, so it is highly preferred today in terms of aesthetics and health. Porcelain dental crown does not darken the gingiva as it meets the translucency feature of the adult tooth. In addition, it does not contain toxic substances.

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