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Braces Treatment

Orthodontic treatments (Braces Treatments) are medical and aesthetic procedures used to align teeth that are misaligned or crowded. Orthodontic treatment helps to restore the relationship between the jaws and allows the surrounding tissues and muscles to adapt.

Therefore, orthodontic treatment in Alanya can be used not only for misaligned teeth but also for problems with jaw closure. In short, this treatment, which helps the jaw and teeth achieve a harmonious appearance, should be performed by experienced orthodontist doctors. You can find all the detailed information you are interested in about orthodontic treatment in this article.

What is Braces (Orthodontics) Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is a treatment that is carried out for people with abnormalities and crowding in the dental structure. Abnormalities in the arrangement of teeth may occur due to a narrow jaw structure.


If the patient's jaw is narrow and short, the teeth may emerge in a crooked manner because they cannot find sufficient space when they grow. Orthodontic treatment is also needed if the patient experiences malocclusion, also known as poor jaw closure. In some people, the lower and upper jaws do not close in a harmonious manner.


Problems with tooth development can occur if the jaw does not develop properly, especially during childhood. Braces treatment in Alanya is used to solve both problems.

Braces Alanya
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