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Removable Dental Prosthesis

The patient can remove the removable dentures at any time. Patients who experience loss of teeth due to aging, decay, and various oral and dental diseases prefer Antalya, Alanya removable dentures, which is the most common type of denture. They can be inserted into the mouth without the need for any surgical application.

Alanya removable dentures, which are supported by the plate structure of the patients, can be removed by the patient when it is not needed, or can be easily changed if needed. As Alanya Dental Place family, we offer removable dentures applications to our valuable patients, thanks to our oral and dental health services for more than years. We are working to give you happy smiles with our years of health experience and expert health staff.

With this article, we will answer your valuable questions about removable dentures in Alanya.

What is Removable Dental Prosthesis?

Removable Dental Prostheses Alanya

Today, there are many different methods and techniques to struggle oral and dental diseases. They also create an aesthetic appearance. Although the same developments are experienced in the problems related to loss of teeth, patients seeking a painless and hurtless solution have preferred removable dentures for years.

Removable Dental Prosthesis, which are supported by the surrounding tissue in the vestibule of mouth, provide patients with the opportunity to remove them when not needed. This is one of the conveniences of this process.

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About Removable Prosthetics Frequently Asked Questions

Partial Denture: Antalya partial denture applications are the method applied when the patient has natural teeth in his/her mouth and there is a small number of loss of teeth. Replacement teeth in a removable partial denture are attached to a colored plastic base attached to a metal frame that will hold the denture in place when placed in the patient’s mouth. In this way, it is not possible to dislocation or slip in the spare teeth of the patient during his/her daily needs such as speaking and eating.

Thanks to the Alanya partial denture application, not only the replacement of the missing teeth of the patients, but also the displacement of the natural teeth around the missing tooth of the patient and the deterioration of the patient’s jaw structure are prevented.

Complete Denture: Antalya, Alanya complete denture applications are the method used to replace all of the upper or lower teeth if all the teeth in the patient’s mouth are lost. After the extraction of all the teeth in the mouth, we will wait for the gingivas to heal.

In this process, the measurements of the mouth structure are taken and the full denture teeth are presented to the patient’s use. In the process, the gingivas heal and gaps may occur between the denture and the palate. In such a case, your dentist can easily fix this problem by making minor adjustments to the denture.

As Alanya Dental Place, we have summarized the advantages of removable dentures for you in a few items below, thanks to the experience we have gained from our patients and the knowledge of our expert dentists:

  • Removable dentures applications are a painless and hurtless process compared to other methods. Since the recovery process after treatment is fast and slight, it is often preferred by patients.
  • Removable dentures applications are a great solution for patients who are afraid of the treatment process but have problems due to missing tooth. It provides the elimination of problems such as speech, chewing and deformities caused by loss of teeth.
  • Removable dentures applications provide patients with the freedom they want. Patients can easily remove their dentures when they do not need to use dentures during the day. In addition, thanks to the advantage of easy renewal of dentures, they can be easily intervened in the face of new problems that may occur in the future.

Removable dentures in Alanya applications have some disadvantages as well as advantages. New dentures can feel uncomfortable and even awkward at some times, especially in the early days of removable dentures. Because there is a part in your mouth that is not yours. In this process, the patient has difficulty in eating or speaking because of ptyalism. The denture is so thick that it may feel as if the tongue does not have enough area to move inside the mouth.

However, the majority of these are psychological problems that arise from the first use in patients and because they are not used to it. As the patients adapt to the dentures in the mouth over time, these problems will disappear.

At the beginning of the treatment, such disadvantages may occur due to the adaptation period.

Quality of Antalya Dental Place in Removable Prosthetics

As Antalya Dental Place, we bring solutions to the problems of our valuable patients with our removable dentures application. We carry out your treatments meticulously with our expert health team and hygienic clinical environment. We offer a treatment opportunity in Antalya, Alanya, where accommodation and holiday opportunities are abundant for our patients who will come from Turkey and abroad.

You, our esteemed patients, can reach us from our website or our contact numbers +90 552 882 9657 to get information about removable dentures applications and other health services in Alanya and Antalya. Join our Alanya Dental Place, live with healthy and happy smiles.

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