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Teeth Whitening

Today, teeth whitening is a method that many people use and wonder, thanks to its popularity and beautification of our teeth. In our daily life, we have to communicate with many people. When we are communicating, our focus is usually on the mouth, or teeth, of the person we are talking to. Would you like the person you are talking to see your yellow teeth? Of course, you wouldn’t. If you are facing such a problem, the teeth whitening method will be one of the most suitable methods for you.

Thanks to our expertise in Antalya, Alanya teeth whitening, as Alanya Dental Place family, You can find the answers to your questions such as ”What is teeth whitening? How is the teeth whiten? What are the prices of teeth whitening? Is teeth whitening permanent?” in this article. Here are the answers.

What is Teeth Whitening?

 Alanya Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the whitening of the tooth color by several tones thanks to some chemical applications. Tooth staining is divided into intrinsic stains and extrinsic stains. You can get rid of these stains with the methods you can use at home or the methods to be applied in the office, with the advice of an expertise doctor.

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Frequently asked questions about Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Alanya
Teeth Whitening Alanya

There are many causes of yellow teeth. These reasons:

  • Smoking and tobacco use
  • Long-term use of beverages that may damage tooth enamel, such as tea, red wine, cola, coffee
  • Not paying attention to oral hygiene
  • Inadequate hygiene items
  • Improper dental cleaning
  • Age-based darkening of tooth enamel
  • Early use of antibiotics

Depending on the reasons mentioned above, in the course of time, stains on the tooth enamel and yellowing of the teeth occur due to these spots. The cause of yellow teeth may be due to intrinsic staining or extrinsic staining. Teeth whitening will offer you the most up-to-date treatment for the prevention of these tooth stains.

The staining of the tooth as a result of deterioration in its structure due to various factors during its development is called intrinsic staining. E.g; The use of antibiotics at a young age causes deterioration of the intrinsic structure of the tooth during development and the formation of intrinsic stains in the long term.

The staining that occurs on the enamel, which is the outer layer of the tooth, due to time and nutrition is called extrinsic staining. E.g; Yellowing of the teeth due to excessive use of tobacco or excessive use of acidic beverages causes extrinsic tooth stains.

What are the Elements to Consider While Whitening Teeth?

Thanks to the experience we have gained during the teeth whitening applications we have done as the Antalya Dental Place, the points to be considered about the Alanya teeth whitening application are;

  • First of all, you should see a specialist doctor to determine your dentition and the cause of your tooth staining.
  • After your dentist decides to apply the teeth whitening process in the clinic or at home, you should start the treatment.
  • Your cavities, if any, should be treated before starting teeth whitening. Because untreated dental caries cause damage to the root of the tooth by the agents entering between these teeth.
  • You should work carefully, especially in home teeth whitening applications. The whitening agent should not come into contact with the gums. If it comes into contact with the gums, the person may face oral and gingiva injuries.

Who Can Teeth Whiten?

As Alanya Dental Place, our first priority is the safety and satisfaction of our patients. We have a lot of experience in teeth whitening in Antalya with our attending physician staff and patient satisfaction-based working principle. Thanks to these experiences, our most important advice to our valued patients is to apply teeth whitening with the advice of our attending physician.

Because this is a job that requires professionalism. Although it may seem very simple to obtain teeth whitening kits and apply them at home today, there are many risks in teeth whitening kits.

Tooth whitening at home can cause permanent damage to the tooth enamel and gingiva when the wrong methods are used. In addition, there are beauty centers that perform tooth cleaning and teeth whitening operations without the presence of specialist dentists or health personnel.

However, teeth whitening is a form of treatment and it is appropriate to do it under the control or recommendation of specialist physicians. In addition, we recommend that you whiten your teeth at oral and dental health centers or with the help of specialist physicians in order to avoid some difficult situations such as being exposed to harmful microorganisms and being trouble in legally. Other than that, some situations where we do not recommend teeth whitening are as follows;

  • In cases where oral care is not good,
  • When there are large dental caries or damage to the teeth,
  • In cases of diseases related to the gingivas,
  • In patients with bruxism problems,
  • We do not recommend teeth whitening for patients using substances such as vigarettes, tobacco, etc.

In Antalya teeth whitening applications, we primarily control the oral and dental health of the patient and create our treatment plan. First of all, if there are caries and deficiencies in our patient’s teeth, we treat these caries and deficiencies in the patient’s teeth and make the whitening application possible.

Alanya teeth whitening application starts after our dentists prepare the teeth protector by taking the teeth dimensions of the person with the determined treatment plan. Depending on the recommendation of the medical doctor, this operation is performed by applying the gel with tooth-cleaning agents to the teeth for 2 to 4 weeks at home or in the clinic.

Alanya laser teeth whitening, called “Strong Whitening”, is a teeth whitening method that can be applied by dentists. In the clinical, a whitening substance is applied to the teeth and light or laser is given to activate this substance. This process lasts about an hour.

If a dentist is registered with the General Dentistry Council, he/she can whiten teeth. In addition, dental therapists and dental hygienists registered to this council are also allowed to provide this service in line with the prescription of dentists.

As Antalya Dental Place, although we talk about this subject in our article, we will answer this question under a separate heading for you. Because this question is one of the most asked questions to us. Antalya teeth whitening application should only be done by a registered dentist. It is illegal to whiten teeth performed by non-experts in places such as beauty salons. In addition, home-type teeth whitening kits are easy to use, but carry many risks for your teeth.

Although teeth whitening kits are easily available in the market, some kits may not contain enough whitening products when these products are not recommended under the supervision of a doctor, and these kits do not have any whitening effect on your teeth.

In addition, your teeth dimensions are taken by a specialist dentist for Alanya teeth whitening application and a personalized mouthpiece is produced. Since the mouthpieces in household kits are not personalized, they may not fit your teeth.

In this case, the whitening agent comes into contact with your gingivas or inside the mouth, and this undesirable situation may cause problems such as sensitivity and swelling in your mouth.

Antalya teeth whitening application is not permanent. The lifetime of the application varies from person to person, some take a few months and some take up to 3 years. The patient’s eating and drinking habits such as red wine, tea or coffee, or cigarette and tobacco consumption of the patient who has teeth whitening are some of the factors that shorten the permanence and effect of the application. According to these factors, how many months the teeth whitening will last depends entirely on the person.

Teeth whitening will not work on dentures, crowns, fillings or veneers.

Alanya Dental Place Quality in Teeth Whitening Application

As we mentioned above, in social life, we focus on the conversations of the person in front of us, and therefore on his/her mouth and teeth. Yellow teeth lead to loss of self-confidence. Today, many of our patients seek help from us to get rid of their yellow teeht due to various reasons. As Alanya Dental Place family, we offer you quality and satisfaction together with its specialist doctors, competent work team, hygienic and sterile clinics.

While we ensure that our patients coming from Turkey and abroad enjoy Antalya, which offers holiday and accommodation opportunities, we also offer them the opportunity to return home with a new smile when their teeth whitening process is completed. You can reach us via our website or our contact numbers +90 552 882 9657 for information about Alanya and Antalya teeth whitening application and other oral and dental health services.

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