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Protecting our oral and dental health is equivalent to protecting our body. Due to our oral health, we often have to change our eating and drinking habits. We sometimes feel discomfort when chewing, causing pain or discomfort, especially red meat, products with sesame such as cookies and bagels because it is hard, even when eating bread. Nutrition-related problems occur in our patients, who have to stay away from too cold or too hot drinkings due to sensitivity.

In addition, the feeling of hiding our smile from others due to cavities, fractures or deformities in our daily life causes loss of self-confidence and psychological problems. It is now possible to have healthy smiles and to eat and drink what we want by using our own teeth without the need for denture or dental implants.

Because it is one of the most useful options in terms of orthodontics, zirconium dental crowns are preferred by many people. For this reason, As Alanya Dental Place, we serve our valuable patients with Alanya and Antalya zirconium dental crowns services.

You can contact us for detailed information on our internet address and call numbers for Alanya zirconium dental crowns applications. Thanks to our expert health team, we create the most suitable treatment plan for you, and with your approval, we adhere to the plan determined for you and provide you with a natural and healthy smile as soon as possible.

What Is Zirconium Dental Crown?

Alanya Zirconia Crowns

Zirconium mineral is used in the application of zirconium dental crown, which offers an aesthetic and natural appearance. It is a mineral that is durable and has no harm to human health.


It is produced in the form of porcelain crowns according to the mold taken from your tooth. Zirconium dental crown models are divided into two; Aluminum supported zirconium dental crowns and zirconium dental crowns without aluminum. In addition, the forms and colors desired by the patient during production can be applied to porcelain crowns according to the patient’s dentition and request.

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FAQ About Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia Crowns in Alanya
Alanya Zirconia Crowns

As we always say, the preference of those who prefer naturalness and health is zirconium dental crown applications nowadays. In the light of our medical and professional experience, some advantages of zirconium dental crowns are:

  • Unlike implant or dentures, it is a faster and painless method. After the damaged teeth are cleaned and prepared for application, the plate is taken. Taking into account the wishes of the patient, zirconium dental crown is produced and easily applied within a few days.
  • It provides you with a natural and fresh look. Contrary to the dull and uniform artificial appearance in standard veneer applications, zirconium dental crowns are specially prepared in the most natural way according to the position and shape of the teeth in your mouth. For this reason, zirconium dental crown is the closest form to your real teeth.
  • Metal coatings have a light permeability problem and this problem leads to darkening of the gingivas in the long run. With its high light transmittance and white color, zirconium dental veneers do not harm the gums and beautify your smile by catching a natural harmony with the gums.
  • Porcelain veneers made of zirconium mineral should be preferred for patients who are allergic to metal and have undesirable results in their body. Thus, the occurrence of any allergic reaction is prevented.
  • With standard metal coatings, problems such as taste change, bad breath and metal taste may occur. However, such problems are not seen in zirconium dental crown applications.

Our gingivas and mouth are very sensitive. Many different treatment applications have been developed due to loss of teeth, tooth decay and aesthetic-based needs. The health of the gingivas is very important, especially in dental prosthesis and veneer applications.

Because the application can cause pressure, bleeding, recession or darkening on the gingivas. Fortunately, the zirconium mineral is in perfect harmony with the gingival tissue. Thus, problems such as gingival recession and gingival darkening, especially seen in veneer applications, are not seen in zirconium dental crowns.

This application is a frequently preferred application in Alanya and Antalya regions in recent years. It also hosts foreign patients in the field of orthodontics, which has an important place in the developing health tourism. In Antalya, which offers you the opportunity to take a small “break” while being treated in terms of accommodation and tourism vitality, we offer zirconium dental crown application to our patients who prefer a fast, safe and aesthetic option in oral and dental health applications.

As Alanya Dental Place, we strive to serve you, thanks to our specialist doctors and with our understanding of work that always prioritizes patient satisfaction.

Our oral and dental health also affects our living standards. At this point, the investments and treatments you will make in your oral and dental health are aimed directly at increasing your quality of life.

But every move to be made is very important. A few small mistakes or careless moves can negatively affect you in the long term. Thanks to the experience we have gained in the field of Antalya zirconium dental crown applications as the Alanya Dental Place, let us list the things you need to pay attention about dental crowns:

  • As we mentioned above, all treatments for our dental health greatly affect our living standards. For this reason, one of the most important things you should do after you decide on the application you will have is to start the treatment process with the right names. You should set out with an expert team and competent doctors who offer the most suitable option for you in diagnosis, laboratory, design, application and further stages.
  • The crown you prefer should be long-term. It will be good for you to prefer long-term and healthy zirconium dental crowns instead of choosing aluminum dental crowns that can cause problems such as bad breath, gingival recession, and gingival darkening.
  • After your tooth impression is taken, you should choose the tooth model that will always stay in your mouth for you at the laboratory stage and will show your image best when you smile.
  • You should not eat or drink anything for 2 hours after the application. Otherwise, you may cause damage to the substance that allows the coating to adhere to your teeth.
  • You should do your dental care and doctor checks regularly. Because, even if it is porcelain crown, these applications should not be interrupted for gingiva and oral health.

Zirconium dental crown is preferred not only for aesthetics but also for the treatment of problems such as caries and fractures on the teeth. At this point, let us list the path followed by our specialist doctors in zirconium dental crown applications as the Alanya Dental Place family:

  • Our specialist doctors first start by listening to the complaints and requests of the patients. With the specialist examination, the patient’s problems such as cavities and fractures, if any, are determined. Factors such as the condition of the gums, dentition and structure of tooth are determined by this preliminary examination.
  • After our doctor’s evaluation, the most appropriate application model is determined by taking into account the patient’s wishes and expectations.
  • With the patient’s approval, the operation is started by anesthetizing to the teeth.
  • After making sure that the teeth are anesthetized, scraping begins. In this way, if any, cavities are cleaned and the teeth are prepared for plate.
  • After the scraping process, the plate of the teeth is taken and sent to the laboratory. In the meantime, a temporary coating is applied to the patient’s tooth and it is ensured that he/she continues his/her daily life.
  • Patient satisfaction is the most important thing in the laboratory department. At this stage, zirconium dental crowns are specially produced according to factors such as the patient’s gender, the patient’s head structure, the patient’s dentition. In addition, the appropriate tooth color tone is determined in line with factors such as skin color by paying attention to the preferences and wishes of the patient.
  • No matter how suitable it is in appearance and structure, the position and usefulness of the coating in the mouth should also be tested. At this point, only coatings that get full marks in terms of bite, tear and sharpness can move on to the next step.
  • Zirconium crowns, of which aesthetics and functionality are completely assured, are prepared for bonding. At this point, the teeth to be treated should be cleaned and the zirconium substance should not escape into the gums, and for this, careful application is made.
  • It is very important that your specialist doctor is sensitive and careful about this issue during bonding. The cleanliness of the application area and the precision of the application are as important as the correct application of the bonding. Because crowns that do not fit properly cause gripping and biting problems in the future, reducing your living standards.
  • After the application is completed, there is a two-hour drying period in order to prevent the adhesive material from being affected by external factors. During this period, patients cannot eat or drink liquids.

As the Alanya Dental Place, our biggest goal is to send you off with a big smile on your face thanks to our expert doctors and service team. We offer you the best service in terms of both price and quality and patient satisfaction. To have more information about our Antalya and Alanya zirconium dental crown services, you can contact us via our website or contact numbers.

There are differences in the price of Alanya zirconium dental crown across the province and country. Because there are many manufacturers of zirconium dental crown material. The fact that the suppliers of oral and dental health centers are variable also reveals the price differences. At this point, as the Alanya Dental Place, we will offer you the best service in terms of price and quality. Many different factors such as the treatment processes of our patients and the number of teeth on which the application will be made cause differences in the cost of this application.

Many of our customers tell us the net price of this treatment. But it is not possible to say this clearly. Because, as we mentioned above, we apply a different treatment method for each patient, as well as the differences in production costs. Since each patient’s dentition is different from each other and there is a personalized treatment, price generalization cannot be made.

Therefore, you should come to our clinic and be examined by our specialist doctors in order to get a price for Antalya and Alanya zirconium dental crown and to create your treatment plan.

At the end of the examination, you will both learn the fee and the treatment process will begin as determined after your approval.

Zirconium before after
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Antalya, Alanya Zirconium Dental Crown

We eliminate your oral and dental problems, which can cause many problems, from speech and deformities, eating and drinking disorders, to psychological problems based on loss of self-confidence, with our expert health team.

As the Alanya Dental Place family, we offer you quality and satisfaction with our specialist doctors, competent work team, hygienic and sterile examination rooms.

You can choose us to experience the pleasure of returning home with your new teeth after a few days of holiday and treatment.

You can reach us from our website or contact numbers to get information about Alanya and Alanya Zirconium dental crown application and other oral and dental health services.

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