Antalya, Turkey

Our Clinic

Your dental health, smile and oral health are as valuable to us as Alanya dental place family. Every patient who we know cannot eat the food he wants due to oral and dental health disorders, cannot smile comfortably, cannot sleep without pain, is a source of sadness for us. As Alanya Dental Place family, our main goal is to ensure that our patients leave our clinic healthy, peaceful and happy.

Alanya Dental Place clinic with our global health service and contemporary medicine approach; has a modern and technological infrastructure that follows innovations. Our clinic provides high standards accepted by the authorities in order to provide a sterile and hygienic environment in Antalya-Alanya and provide the best service. We adopt the best standard of treatment methods as a vision to provide our valuable patients in hygienic environments without compromising ethical principles.

In order to ensure a quality, healthy and long life, we make it our mission to combine deformations in dental and surrounding tissues, oral and dental health problems that may affect psychology with world-class medical and scientific evidence and treat them in the most natural way and in the best possible way.

Each patient’s dental problem and story are different. For this reason, our expert physician staff in our clinic listens to our valuable patient and applies appropriate treatment methods. It is very important for us to ensure the satisfaction between the doctor and the patient. With these objectives and our mission, we serve with our expert staff in many fields as Alanya Dental Place family established in Alanya on the date of establishment.