Dental Implant

As Alanya Dental Clinic, our priority is always to save the natural teeth of our patients. However, when a tooth has to be extracted in the mouth, this natural balance is disrupted. In such a case, we provide our patients with dental implant in Alanya treatment service, which is closest to their natural teeth and will suit them.

Our first goal is to offer natural and healthy smiles to you, our valued patients, with our expert health staff and the health experience we have provided you for many years. In the light of the patient opinions we have gained so far and the vast experience of our doctors, in this article, we will give you, our dear readers, information about Alanya dental implant treatments.

What is a Dental Implant?

Alanya Dental Implant

Dental implant treatment is a form of treatment performed by placing the closest teeth suitable for the patient’s dentition instead of missing teeth in the mouth. In Alanya dental implant treatment, dental roots formed from titanium or titanium compounds are generally used. The reason why the titanium element is preferred is that it is a very durable metal that does not interact with the oral tissue.


Adult tooth placed on these dental roots provide patients with a natural tooth feeling and long-term use.

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FAQ About Dental Implant Treatment

Dental Implant in Alanya

First of all, thanks to the preliminary examination of our doctors, the complaints of our patients are listened to. After the treatment plan of our patient is created, if it is decided that the tooth needs to be extracted, implant treatment is recommended.

After patient approval, a more detailed examination is performed. At this stage, the patient will have a computed tomography scan. Since the dental implant application will be made on the bones, the bone structure of the area to be applied should be examined.

After that, anesthesia is applied to the area and the operation is started. If the patient’s bone structure is suitable for the application and there is no infection, titanium dental roots can be fixed instead of the missing dental root after tooth extraction and implant application can be performed immediately.

As we have mentioned, since titanium dental roots are placed on the bone tissue in Alanya implant applications, tomography must be had to determine the condition of the existing tissue, bone structure and the volumetric size of the bone.

Thanks to tomography, the risks of the operation are reduced and the success rate of dental implant application increases. This is an important factor for the satisfaction of our valued patients.

It is determined by the doctor whether the implant can be applied or not, and the application decision is made as a result of this detailed examination.

Since this operation is a surgical intervention, your doctor will also receive information about your other health problems, if any.


• There is a risk of undesirable results during or after the application in people with diabetes and chronic cardiovascular diseases that affect healing.

• In addition, the procedure should not be applied to young patients who have not completed their bone development or pregnant women.

• It is not recommended for patients with addictions such as alcohol, tobacco products or drugs to have implant treatment.

In Alanya flapless implant surgery, the gingiva is not cut and therefore this implant application does not require any stitches. Accordingly, the rate of recovery and patient comfort increase.

However, Alanya flapless implant application may not be applicable to every patient. Therefore, the decision is made after a detailed examination of your doctor.

Since local anesthesia is applied to the patients at the beginning of the treatment, the patients do not suffer from pain or ache. Swelling or pain may occur after the operation. For this, you can eliminate this pain with the prescription drugs given to you by your doctor.

In Antalya, alanya laser assisted implant application, the treatment process of the patients is followed in the same way.

The only difference is the use of laser assisted devices during the surgical intervention. In this way, the pain and swelling that occur as a result of the operation are reduced to the minimum level thanks to the Alanya laser assisted implant application. In addition, the healing process takes place faster with this method.

If the implant application is not performed on many teeth, it can be performed in one day. The patients return to their daily lives the next day after the operation.

At this point, the preferences should be for brands that are made of titanium or titanium alloys, R&D activities have been made and do not cause any problems in technical support.

Apart from that, the healing process and the life of the implant depend on the patient. After the treatment, factors that will affect the healing process such as oral and dental care, hygiene, avoidance of addictions and diabetes affect the success of the implant application.

As in any surgical intervention, there are some risks in implant application. Bleeding, infection, damage to nerves and sinuses are among these risks.

At this point, the most important thing you will do is to set off with specialist doctors and health teams. After a good doctor’s control and radiological examination, these risks will be minimal.

Osteoporosis can develop at different levels in the body and skull. The bone structure of the skull of a patient with advanced osteoporosis may be very good.

On the other hand, the skull bone structure of a patient with a very good bone structure may be insufficient for implant application.

At this point, the final results emerge at the end of the tomography and doctor’s examination. That’s why tomography and doctor’s examination are very important.

Antalya dental implant applications are the type of treatment that is closest to one’s own natural tooth and provides the best results. But there are also some disadvantages.

These are:

  • Titanium alloys products to be applied in the treatment are more expensive than alternative treatment methods because they come from abroad and some health insurances do not support this treatment.
  • Implant application is the fixation of missing teeth or teeth on bones with tooth roots. In order for the titanium tooth roots used at this point to be applied, the bone structure must be in a certain volume. Volumetric losses on the bone structure due to time and various reasons are the factors that make implant application difficult. In these cases, your doctor primarily performs bone formation procedures and then implant treatment is started. With the treatments aimed at forming bone structure, the treatment process is prolonged.
  • After the treatment, pain and swelling may also develop due to hygiene problem. But these can be eliminated with medicines and if you care about your oral hygiene.

Antalya & Alanya implant treatment is the most reliable and long-lasting treatment against loss of teeth. However, the most important things that determine the lifetime of the implant are the patient’s oral hygiene and avoidance of addictions. In addition, patients should have periodic check-ups by specialist dentists every 6 months.

In this way, possible undesirable results can be prevented by early diagnosis.
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In implant application, there are different variables such as the patient’s general health status, the patient’s bone structure and volume, and the number of implants to be applied to the patient.

At this point, Antalya, Alanya implant application can be performed during tooth extraction for patients who do not have different problems in doctor’s controls, whose bone structure is suitable for implant application and who will have a small number of implant applications.

After implant surgery, you can apply cold therapy at certain intervals in line with your doctor’s recommendation. This application will help prevent edema and swelling that will occur as a result of the operation. In addition, you can get rid of the pain and edema that will occur as a result of the surgical operation by using the drugs given by your doctor. You should also stay away from the consumption of extremely hot or extremely cold food for a while.

One of the most important issues to be considered after Antalya, Alanya implant application is oral hygiene. Because unwanted infections are mostly caused by hygiene problems. In addition, during your recovery period, you can follow up the process by going to your dentist for regular check-ups. Thus, undesirable situations can be detected in advance and easily prevented.

Titanium, high technology industrial material, is used in implant application. Implant application is expensive compared to similar treatment methods, as it is the treatment with teeth attached to titanium roots.

Prices also vary depending on variables such as the number of teeth to be implanted, whether there are other treatments to be applied before the implant, and the brand of the implant.

Therefore, it is not possible to give an exact price. For the prices of implant treatment suitable for you, you should come to our clinic and undergo a doctor’s examination.

Quality of Antalya Dental Place in Dental Implant Application

As Alanya Dental Place, we have been serving our valuable patients for more than years with our understanding of working that prioritizes patient satisfaction and comfort. We are here for you thanks to our specialist doctors, professional staff, state-of-the-art medical devices and hygienic clinical environment.

We offer holiday-like treatment opportunities in our city of Antalya, where holiday and accommodation facilities are developed for our patients coming from Turkey and abroad for dental implant treatment.

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