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What is a Socket Shield?

Socket Shield
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The Socket Shield technique aims to preserve a portion of the natural tooth in the area where the implant is placed, preventing the loss of bone volume and soft tissues. It is developed to enhance the preservation of aesthetic and functional outcomes.

Application Stages

a. Partial Preservation of the Natural Tooth: A portion of the natural tooth (usually the vestibular side) in the area where the implant will be placed is preserved. This area assists in preserving the bone tissue and ensuring an adequate amount.

b. Cutting and Preparation Procedures: The preserved portion of the natural tooth is carefully cut, and the area for implant placement is prepared. Well-planned cuts and preparations are crucial for a successful Socket Shield application.

c. Implant Placement: The implant is placed in the prepared area. Implants used in the Socket Shield technique typically have a special design and are positioned to integrate with the preserved portion of the natural tooth.

d. Restoration Stage: After the implant is placed, a restorative stage begins following an appropriate healing period. During this stage, a suitable prosthesis is placed on the implant.

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What is a Socket Shield?


a. Preservation of Bone and Soft Tissues: The Socket Shield technique contributes to the preservation of bone volume and reduction of soft tissue loss, providing a more natural aesthetic result.

b. Enhancing Implant Success: Preserving a portion of the natural tooth may improve the integration of the implant with surrounding tissues, potentially increasing its success.

c. Improving Aesthetic Outcomes: The Socket Shield technique can enhance the aesthetic results of the implant, achieving a harmonious appearance with natural teeth.


a. Appropriate Patient Selection: The Socket Shield technique should be used in specific cases and with suitable patients. Factors such as the patient’s overall health, dental structure, and the implant location should be considered.

b. Specialized Technique: This technique requires application by experienced and skilled dental professionals. Careful planning and precise surgical approaches are necessary during the procedure.

The Socket Shield technique represents an advancement in dental implantology, but its suitability varies for each patient. Therefore, individual evaluation by your dentist is essential.

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