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Information About Zirconium Tooth Bonding


Zirconium is the highest quality material in dental aesthetics, which is newly used by dentists. Although zirconium mine has been used in various sectors for many years, it is a new mine used by dentists.

So what is this zirconium tooth coating? Zirconium tooth coating is dental coatings made with a healthier, safer mine that used to be produced instead of metal porcelain teeth.

Since the color of zirconium removed from nature is white, the appearance desired by the patients is provided both naturally and in a way that is more aesthetic.

How is Zirconium Tooth Different From Metal Tooth Porcelain?

  • Since metal tooth porcelain cannot pass light, whitening, inflammation and decay can be seen in the gums over time. However, such a problem is not encountered because zirconium can transmit light like natural teeth.
  • Since the thermal insulation of zirconium mine is much better than metals, hot and cold food does not create sensitivity in beverages.
  • They do not stop with bonding like metal coatings on the tooth. Zirconium mines chemically and mechanically cling to the tooth.
  • They are not easily stained. They are not affected by factors such as tea, alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Zirconium mine in nature is also white color, so they do not experience easy color changes.
  • It is more aesthetic than other methods.
  • As with other materials against zirconium mine, there is no allergy.
  • They do not cause bad breath.
  • It does not cause problems that may form the basis of gum disorders. It is quite compatible with gums.
Zirconium Tooth

Who Can Get Zirconium Bonding?

  • In cases where you want to whiten your teeth and the methods are inadequate,
  • In tooth fractures,
  • In cases where the damage to the teeth is great,
  • In patients with smile anxiety due to dental disorders,
  • In crooked teeth,
  • In cases where the gums are very discrete,
  • In case of problems with the dimensions of the teeth,
  • It can be done to those who want to solve dental problems as soon as possible and to have beautiful teeth as soon as possible.

Zirconium bonding can mostly be applied to any tooth. Zirconium, a durable and long-lasting material, is the highest quality coating method. Only zirconium can be broken in the teeth.

Zirconium tooth coating is not applied to these patients because patients with teeth tightening disorders (Bruxism), habits of gnawing very hard foods, and teeth grinding diseases apply more force to the teeth than usual.

Apart from these patients, zirconium tooth coating is not performed in patients up to the age of 18-20 years of age whose tooth development does not fully occur.

This is due to the fact that teeth that are in constant development may become longer than coating over time and may require constant change.

Advantages of Zirconium Bonding

Zirconium Tooth 2
  • Not allergic.
  • Since the heat conductivity is higher than other methods, it does not create sensitivity.
  • It mimics the natural tooth very well because of its high light permeability.
  • It can be processed very finely. For this reason, it does not create gum discomfort by easily entering between the gums and gums.
  • No loss of color.
  • It is a durable and robust mine.
  • It is quite light and does not create a weight in the mouth.
  • It is aesthetic due to its white colors.
  • They do not break easily.
  • They do not damage the gums.
  • Biologically adapts to the tooth.
  • They are unlikely to fall.

Disadvantages of Zirconium Bonding

Zirconium material has no harm. However, problems may occur due to inadequate cleaning and improper zirconium coating. Therefore, the choice of dentist is very important. To learn more about zirconium tooth coatings, you can click on the link Zirconium – Alanya Dental Place and find out more about the subject.

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