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Antalya sinus lifting operations are one of the methods used for your oral and dental health complaints today. Alanya sinus lifting operations, which are applied by patients who have problems in implant applications, are carried out with the expertise of Alanya Dental Place. Thanks to our expert dentist staff, high technology medical devices and sterile clinical environment, we find solutions to the complaints of our valuable patients and help you get rid of your oral and dental health problems. With this article, we will inform you about the Antalya sinus lifting operation.

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What is Sinus Lifting Operation?

The human skull has cavities called “sinuses” located on the upper jaw. Thanks to these cavities, the formation of the sound and the balancing of the head weight are ensured. In these sinus cavities, which are close to our molar teeth, sagging may occur in progress of time. These saggings can also cause volumetrical losses on the bone in the upper jaw from time to time. Although these time-related losses do not pose a problem under normal conditions, they are seen as an important problem for implant applications. Because an implant application to this area of the upper skull does not provide physical fullness and thickness in the bone, so the application cannot be made. Raising this thin bone tissue by surgical operation is called sinus lifting operation.

How is Sinus Lifting Operation Performed?

It is very normal for our valuable patients to experience anxiety when it comes to surgical intervention. But as Alanya Dental Place family, we are working hard to put an end to your problems and fears thanks to our expert dentists and medical devices. In sinus lifting operation, the area of jaw is first anesthetized by local anesthesia. Then the palate is created and a door is opened into the sinus chamber with special surgical instruments. Then, by gently elevating the sinus membrane, a bone meal called a “graft” is placed between it and the underlying bone. Finally, the stitches are put in and you are done.

Is Sinus Lifting Operation Harmful?

Since Antalya sinus lifting operation is an operation performed with a doctor’s examination and advice, there is no harm. During the doctor’s controls, it is decided whether you are suitable for treatment or not, and if you are not suitable for this operation, other alternative methods are applied.

When Is The Implant Done After The Sinus Lifting Operation?

As we mentioned above, sinus lifting operation is a surgical intervention performed on patients whose bone tissue is not suitable for implant application. In this application, bone meals are used and it is necessary to wait for the applied bone meals to turn into bone tissue. This process will take about 6 months. In addition, in patients with bone tissue thicker than 4 mm, implant application can be performed during the sinus lifting operation.

What Should Be Considered After Sinus Lifting Operation?

It is very important to protect the surgical area after the Antalya sinus lifting operation. It is essential to eat food in the other part of the mouth for 24 hours. In addition, extremely hot and extremely cold foods should be avoided. Trying to look at the surgical area by lifting the lip in front of the mirror may cause the stitches opening. Therefore, you are expected to pay attention to these issues.

Antalya Dental Place Quality in Sinus Lifting Operation.

As the Antalya Dental Place family, we welcome you, our valued patients, to our city of Antalya, which embraces you with accommodation and holiday opportunities. Thanks to our specialist doctors and high technology surgical devices, we provide you with an extremely painless and hurtless treatment plan and ensure that you go through this process in the best way possible. With our work ethic that prioritizes patient satisfaction, we send you off from our clinic with new smiles as soon as possible and in the best way, without keeping you from your daily life.

We invite you to our contact addresses to get information about Alanya and Antalya sinus lifting operation and other health services. You can reach us easily and instantly via our website  contact numbers +90 552 882 9657. Join our Alanya Dental Place family and enjoy a healthy life…

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