Removable dental prosthesis is a painless and hurtless treatment method used for the treatment of loss of teeth. Removable dental prosthesis made by taking the measurements of your mouth are supported by the surrounding tissue in the oral cavity. Patients have the freedom to remove their dentures when not in use.

In removable dental prostheses, a treatment plan is created depending on the tooth loss in your mouth and your mouth is molded. Removable dental prosthesis is produced in a whiteness suitable for the patient’s request and skin color and offered to the patient’s use. There may be gaps between the gingivas and dental tissue and the prosthesis during the adaptation process, but your dentist can easily overcome this problem with minor adjustments.

Partial denture applications are made when patients have natural teeth that can be saved or in a small number of denture applications. Partial dentures are attached to a colored plastic base attached to a metal frame that will secure the prosthesis in the patient’s mouth. Thus, patients do not face the problem of moving their teeth while talking or eating.

Crown of Tooth or Dental Crown is made to strengthen and save the damaged, decayed, broken tooth. It can be thought of as putting a cap on the tooth. It can be made from many different materials.

After deciding on the dental crown treatment, the material to be applied with the help of a specialist is selected in accordance with you. If there is a problem in the tooth to be crowned and the tooth roots around the tooth after the material selection, these problems should be solved firstly. If the oral and dental health is generally suitable for dental crown application, the measurement of the tooth is taken and the measurements are sent to the dental laboratory. In the preparation phase, a temporary crown is applied so that the patient can continue his life without interruption. When the crown is ready, it is placed in the patient’s mouth.

Zirconium dental veneer is the job of making a dental veneer from zirconium mineral, which is durable and does not have a negative effect on human health, by taking the mold of the teeth of the patients. Due to its long-term and durable use, it is frequently preferred in the last period. It provides valuable patients with a fast, painless and natural treatment option.

The prices of zirconium dental veneers vary as they are supplied by many manufacturers throughout the province and country. In addition, depending on the size of the treatment to be applied, the number and size of the crowns and whether your health insurance covers the treatment, the fees will vary from person to person. Therefore, the most accurate price information can only be given by your dentist’s examination and creating your treatment plan.

Implant application is a form of treatment applied by surgical intervention and local anesthesia is applied to the patients during the operation. After the procedure, pain and swelling may occur, but you can get rid of these complaints by using the prescription drugs that your doctor will give you.

If there is no additional treatment to be done before the implant application and a small number of implant applications are to be made, the treatment can be completed within one day.

The cause of yellowing in the teeth is usually nutritional habits and time-related factors. Excessive consumption of products such as tea, red wine, cola, coffee, harmful habits such as smoking and tobacco products, antibiotic use at an early age and root canal treatment are among the factors that cause yellowing in the teeth. The most common and easiest solution is teeth whitening.

Chemical teeth whitening, laser teeth whitening, gel teeth whitening, powder teeth whitening and teeth whitening pen can be used in teeth whitening applications. The most reliable and correct methods for your oral and dental health will be laser teeth whitening and chemical teeth whitening applications under the control of a doctor. Your doctor will examine your oral and dental health and determine the treatment method that is suitable for you.